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Outdoor Winter Training with the Health Concierge in the Volkspark Wilmersdorf Berlin, has not only become increasingly popular, but training outside during winter also proves beneficial for our health.

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Alicia Jane Napier Health Concierge Outdoor Winter Training Volkspark Wilmersdorf Berlin Laufen

Alicia Jane Napier Health Concierge Outdoor Winter Training Volkspark Wilmersdorf Berlin warm       Alicia Jane Napier Health Concierge Outdoor Winter Training Volkspark Wilmersdorf Berlin

The Volkspark Wilmersdorf in Berlin has become increasingly popular for training, not only in the summer but also during the winter months.

The temperature is falling and the days are getting shorter, the very few hours we spend outside are clearly not enough to give us the right amount of vitamin D that is needed to keep us happy and healthy during the winter.

So why not break the habit of training indoors all the time?

Let´s start gaining the benefits of that fresh cold winter air! A good winter outdoor training could be the answer to giving our immune-system that well needed “BOOST”.

I´m glancing out of the window and it´s raining outside, leaves are falling from the trees painting the streets with beautiful colors. My bike, that I have been riding all summer, has been locked away, now hibernating for the winter. I realize the days are getting colder, darker and shorter. It´s that time of year to stay indoors, where it´s nice, warm and cosy.

But is all this sitting indoors really benificial for our health?

Well… It doesn´t take an expert to answer that!

So…on that rainy day I decided to take my training outside. Just around the corner from my Bodyterminal studio is Volkspark Wilmersdorf Berlin. A beautiful park that goes on for kilometres.

So I grabbed my outdoor sneakers and waterproof running gear and headed for the park where, to my surprise, I was not alone…

There were people letting out their dogs, a couple walking hand in hand, protected from the rain under a hudge umbrella. Some kids playing outside wearing wellington boots jumping from one puddle to the next. And other runners, just like me, taking their training outside, using the playground as a training tool.

And I must admit, the fresh air made me feel absolutely fantastic! After about 10 minutes of outdoor training, I didn´t even feel the rain and cold anymore. I felt energized, warm and refreshed, even my cheeks formed that rosy healthy glow.

The time flew by so fast that I ended up spending at least an hour in the park, interval running and strength training in the playground. Now I know why I wasn´t here alone…

Summed up for you, even more benefits from outdoor winter training:

  • Daylight, fresh air and sunshine, even during the winter, simply makes you happier. It relieves depression 😊
  • Training oudoors in the cold, helps you to burn more calories.
  • Your endurance performance improves.
  • You increase your body´s own manifacturing of vitamin D
  • A winter oudoor workout can improve your focus up to 50%
  • Staying active during the Winter is your best defence against seasonal flu as cold-weather training boosts your immune system.

So come join me outdoors! Keep fit and fight that winter blues. Stay happy and healthy during the winter and enjoy the experience of that fantastic refreshed feeling…

Your HealthConcierge Alicia