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{Experience Live 02.11.2019} Many fans found their way to the „Werkhausin the Heckmann Höfe. Sound, feel and appearance inspired the pleasure guests. It was danced.

Musik für die Seele

Das Flamenco Konzert am Samstag mit dem Antonio Andrade Dúo – Konzert im voll besetzten Werkhaus war ein großer Erfolg. Antonio & Miguel zogen das Publikum in ihren Bann – ein Emotionsknistern lag in der Luft. Was für ein toller Abend!

Publiée par Heckmann Höfe, Berlin sur Lundi 4 novembre 2019

[Announcement 16.10.2019] Antonio: „With one guitar you can reach the sky, with two the universe.“ „2 GUITARRAS FLAMENCAS 2“ concert class in the Werkhaus Berlin Mitte – Antonio Andrade Duo

Reservation service@placces.de  +49 173 3136836 Oranienburger Strasse 32 – 2. Innenhof Heckmann-Höfe (Synagoge Berlin Mitte)


Puebla de Cazalla lays near Sevilla and is a flemenco city brimming with tradition and family »aficionados«(flamenco lovers). Also where Antonio Andrade was born. He reached adolescent with his uncle „José Menese“ (living legend among the flamenco singers)as his rolemodel. 

Programmed for this path? NO! It was destiny. At the young age of 15, he proved his guitar skills in the flamenco group „Los Alhama“. Under his leadership Compañía Flamenca „Alhama“ was born. Javier Andrade his brother and Manager (beginning – until today) plays a big role in his artist life. Successful production/ Known Hits include… „Mi Andalucía“, „Viva Sevilla“, „Flamenco es mi vida“, „Mi Carmen Flamenca“

André Heller involved him in many of his productions: „Magnets“ – Music Ensemble of Benares from India or „Maria Benitez Teatro Flamenco“ from the USA are influenced by him. Now the name dropping. Flamenco greats such as Javier Barón, Israel Galván, Antonio „El Pipa“, Javier Cruz, Sara Baras, Carmen Ledesma, Concha Vargas, Manolo Marín, „La Lupi“, Ricardo Modrego, Curro Fernández, Luis de Luis ALL worked with him.

Sat 02.11.2019 7:30pm Flamenco in Berlin – Antonio Andrade Duo Flamenco guitars inspire concert goers – Werkhaus Heckmann-Höfe is transformed into a flamenco concert hall

Úrsula Moreno entered his musical life – Together they founded his „Compañía Flamenca Antonio Andrade“ and created new tendencies in flamenco with successful productions such as…“Noches de Amor“, „Vaya con Dios“, „Bailando al Cante“, „Lluvia de Tierra“ and „Flamenco Suite“

It must be heard and experienced, exclusively in the traditional Heckmann courtyards. The Werkhaus becomes a Flamenco Music Hall. This strong and for me personally dominant music brings us a past world of experience. What happened hundreds of years ago? How did this powerful expressive music come about? Flamenco is an explosive volcanic dance, a strange exotic world of it’s own. Shaped by the Moors, today the Tango is a beautiful unique way of life. I’m/It’s messmerized/ing.

Reservation service@placces.de  +49 173 3136836 Oranienburger Strasse 32 – 2. Innenhof Heckmann-Höfe (Synagoge Berlin Mitte)

Picture: organizer – Placces Berlin – Heckmann Höfe – terms and conditions organizer

English translation Tamika Campbell – thank you very much my love