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Dear guys – I asked myself this question in 2000: How do I send my news and information to the Internet? A simple internet site was too banal for me. It has to be a journal, a medium – a portal. e-concierge.de was born. Anniversary 2020

„20 years and a little bit wise“. Anniversary year „eConcierge 20Jahre“ – on 25 March 2000 I registered e-concierge.de. It was once called „The Electronic Caretaker“. As I walked around at that time telling all my partners, acquaintances and friends that I was developing the eConcierge – you can imagine the questioning faces.

How do I implement a blog? Software did not exist in 2000. No WordPress for easy download.

From 2000 on I placed specially programmed „portals“ for real estate and hotels. Programmers found a „way back then“. Concierge service on location. We were present in the elevators, offices and heads of our first sponsors and their tenants/employees.

2000-2003-Internet-Site-WEB-Auftrittet-e-concierge.de-My-Kiez and the rest of the world-Butler

Internet site and former „WEB appearance e-concierge.de“ – Title: „My „Kiez“ (neighbourhood) and the rest of the world“ – A butler presented our recommendations and small database. What do I find in my neighbourhood.

In 2006 WordPress was used. January 2007 the first blog post was written. Topic: Customer card at the Berlin Zoo. Was a good decision. Google still loves our Concierge Blog. With two million page views per month and 200k unique users a great presence.

25 March 2000 – Registration Denic – e-concierge.de – 25 March 2020 official anniversary date.

In 2010 the brand e-concierge was registered. The certificate of Germany confirmed my registration.

In 2020, the brand e-concierge was registered for another 10 years and officially recognised by the Patent Office.

To this day, our concierge community is „non financial“ – until today’s anniversary. A few great supporters are at my side. That’s terrific. Business became friendship.

A team of great partners and experienced professionals perfected our network. The ConciergeTeam are no bloggers. They are professionals who share their experience.


Who knows. I have a lot of conversations with investors. They are interested. Write to me. Want to change. Make money and „rebuild“ everything. Can’t understand I’m „blogging“. Who knows.

„Organically grown“ – for two decades. Valuable. For the concierge as a blogger. It carries me to this day. A gigantic thank you. I bow to the positive power.

Congratulations on the anniversary 2020. Friends, partners and sponsors with heart and motivation into the future.

Heartwarming thanks from great friends – the concierge is overwhelmed.

2020 2203 Aliah Riedmiller

I find your perseverance and dedication in many areas remarkable and bow to your work as a blogger – concierge – visionary and as an entrepreneur.

You have not let yourself be bent in all these years and have always remained true to your credo „money is not everything“.

I am happy – to have witnessed the largest part of your development and look forward to the next years of development.

At some point the point comes – where the hard work of your idea – pays off. ??

2020 2203 Tammy Weinowski

Congratulations dear Gerry ??

That sounds really incredibly versatile /professional and what you have learned in these 20 years nobody can take away from you, also your good reputation and your great contacts.

After this crisis nothing will be the same as it used to be. But I wish that after this crisis the consciousness of all people will be better aligned to the really important things in life and we will learn to stand together again.

How to deal with people in a serious, professional and respectful way you have proven, otherwise what you have achieved would not be possible dear Gerry.

What you can do and who you have become through this is your inner treasure, it will also bring you a lot of success after the crisis, I wish it to you very much.

In the calm is the power and there will be an afterwards, for the positive people who now look at their talents with their possibilities, I think.

The preliminary work is done and now it goes to more ease and wonderful possibilities.

Thank you dear Gerry for letting me know you and wish you the best of health and the success that makes you happy, best regards Tammy & Marco ??????

2020 2303 Katja Lorenz

How cute your friends are!!!! 20 years is a great time and making money with it is a great thing. My shop is now 11 years old and was probably more of a crazy idea. But with passion. More valleys than mountains. But that’s life! And it still goes on ? Video is coming!

2020 2302 Halli from Hannover

Madness!!!! I wish you, in any case, everything you can think of, all the best for your 20th anniversary ???

Great performance ?!! Video you get ?… we got to know each other a few years ago ?… do you still remember ????

2020 2302 Vannessa Mahn

Hello my dear Gerry, congratulations to your golden 20s! ?

I wish you continued success and perseverance in these crazy times, in which you were always a good friend and supporter!

Keep it up and stay as unique as you are! ?

For the next 20 years ????

Anniversary 2020 – Friends, partners and sponsors – Thank you from Concierge Gerry

2020 2303 Corinna Bouwer

Congratulations, my dear ?????????

I wish you all the success you can imagine and a lot of fun and joy in everything you do! …and if we are allowed to go again, then we will celebrate! ????

2020 2303 Gabriele Przybulewski

Congratulations also from me, without you and your information many nice evenings and new friends would not have been possible. I think that we connected like this about 8 years ago and I appreciate you as a person and doer very much. Best regards Gabi ?

2020 2303 Anjela Krstevski

Congratulations to the 20th anniversary of our dearest concierge Gerry! It’s been a long time – our acquaintance, the Club Felix, doesn’t even exist anymore … you remain the first and most important contact point for exciting and eventful events in Berlin! And similar to the name of our get-to-know-you club

„Felix“ it was, so you always radiate „bliss“ and „success“! Wish you many more happy and successful moments with eConcierge, customers, friends and family! Best wishes, Anjela

In the coming days I will include more good news in this anniversary article.


Cover Picture for the anniversary eConcierge 2020 with Concierge Gerry 2000 – 20 years photographer Ronny Wunderlich PhotoConcierge – A big thank you my friend.


What is e-conciergé Who is „Concierge Gerry“ „e-concierge Gerry“?

Interpreted by Sylvana Koch
2002 – Studied communication and media in Cologne, specialising in the fields of communication and media: moderation, acting, singing

Gernot B. Frank „eConcierge Gerry“ Concierge

? „Marketing Consulting“ for 35 years
? Study of graphic design Lette-Verein Berlin (UDK Visual Communication – guest)
? Until 2000 design, PR and marketing, focus on real estate, hotel business – house magazines
? Developed marketing concepts for real estate, hotel business
Marketing Checkpoint Charly
Real Estate Project – „Berlin Project Checkpoint Charly
Knowledge Management (Wiki for tenants and their employees)
? 2000 Development – e-concierge – service as in the hotel „Auszug“ customer base Sponsors:
? 2004 Sponsor: Bavarian house construction „Schörghuber Gruppe“ (Paulaner) Bikini House Zoobogen Berlin Möllendorf Passage
? e-concierge developed portals, tenants had a radius of 1,000 metres Providers, services, restaurants, shopping etc. (similar to a small Google search engine)
? 2006 Sponsor: HSG Zander (Bilfinger) Mr. Weixler (GEFMA Executive Board) Support „Event Passage“ (Zoological Garden)
? 2012 Sponsor: Rohrer Immobilien (management of 35,000 apartments in MUC) 5000 apartments in Berlin – real estate sales
? 2007: Concierge Blog goes online – approx. 5 million page views approx. 140,000 visitors

• • •

Which means blogging:

? e-concierge has been registered as a „word and figurative trademark“ since 2010 at the Patent Office in Berlin and throughout Germany
? e-concierge was transformed from a network to a concierge community
? Not an advertising agency and not a start-up – e-concierge was founded in 2000 by Gerry as a concierge and became known as the „World of recommendations“.
„Storytelling“ – experienced stories – what makes sense for sponsors:
? Concierges recommend you to the community
? Social Media – Influencer – Awareness of Gerry gives expertise
? no „cold calling“ – reduces high time expenditure
? „Warm“ contacts are more effective and recommendations gain reputation
? Sales receive „referral business“ – reduced operational effort Why should they use the Concierge Community: Community consists of interesting users and potential customers „Concierge Gerry“ is known in the majority of all hotels e.g. Hamburg/Berlin (Promotion „Privilege Club“ owner Daniel van Cleef“) Promotion for the Hotel-Staff Party in the Members Club
? Friendly, confident and elegant appearance of the concierge ?s
? By recommending the concierge ?s positively and courteously, he promotes your company, your product and your service. Live reports in the blog. You offer solutions and „Concierge Gerry“ recommends it to your potential customers – the Concierge provides experiences with your company/product/service as well as the feeling of „personal“ support (you will be helped with all questions)

• • •

What happens when you blog with the concierge

Your company keywords will be integrated into stories and placed directly in the Concierge Community

A brand for your company/product/service:

A „face“ supports technology/products with positive soft skills.

Your customers will be inspired by images and emotions.

? „AHA Effekt“ – the „concierge“ recommends your product (e.g. Saturn „Tech Nik“) – increase the existing level of awareness and name: „powered by YOUR COMPANY
? Acquisition effort is reduced by the „world of recommendations“. Keywords are found in Google. A „face“ gives positive SoftSkills – transports assistance and emotions of „REAL PEOPLE“.
? The concierge is friendly, open, pleasant and well-known… eConcierge – the key to Berlin and Germany. 20 years of e-concierge.de – recommendations, marketing, social media – resulting in a high level of awareness. As a sponsor you benefit from 20 years of awareness and profit from „recommendation business“ – your topics in blog posts are placed within the reach of the concierge community.

Dear Sylvana, thank you very much for your concrete summary. Your concierge Gerry

I would be happy to develop your website for you. Your own blog. Your own shop.

And if your business plan works out. You will be invited to foreign countries to report.