deeseo Website design – An idea – e-concierge – the world of recommendations. This is how the community was created in 2000. Very simple and in HTML pictures tables programming ? what a time. Development live

Website development – You can call the concierge. We develop together +49 163 7098153 or straight to >>> deeseo

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Do you have an idea today is the implementation more variable, faster and above all more comfortable. „Earlier“ the programmer came to talk. Received information and went into his „quiet little“ room – programmed and came after 3 weeks. Then the stress started. Changes. With every change the „programmer“ became more and more gruff. His work was actually already done.

2020 and it’s different. As a studied graphic designer and photographer I use the „real time change“. As a partner you get a user access. See your website live emerge. We phone/skype and you see your desired changes. You get an admin access and I can show you steps how to change texts or pictures (Attention – no pictures from the smartphone upload – are simply too big).

Website development – You can call the concierge. We develop together +49 163 7098153 or straight to >>> deeseo

2019 my B2B marketplace „LiXi“ developed from the use of LinkedIn and Xing – entrepreneurs post their offers. Multipliers post it in LinkedIn and Xing. I designed the portal with WordPress and WooCommerce.

Every entrepreneur and/or self-employed person wants a website for his services/products. A perfect landing page. Maybe a OnePage with links to the contents.

More and more satellite pages are also desired. Directly focused on the offers. I accompany with pleasure. I am curious.

Some ask themselves – why does the concierge offer website design. Gerry: „Because I can.“

They’re often called landing pages.

Satellite sites e-concierge

I am curious about our joint project.

Let’s design a page together. Your budget and I’ll see what we achieve together. Or something completely different. I’ll rent you a page. We’ll talk more about that later.

Data protection DSGVO – I have been trained on this topic since 2016. My concierge blog has special challenges. The concierge has always had individual demands. That’s how I’ve learned to handle data with confidence for 20 years. I create a privacy policy DSGVO as a basis. You’ll take it off. It will be individualized for you. Your lawyer will check it out. Every site, every project, every company is unique. I do not assume any liability.

Website development – You can call the concierge. We develop together +49 163 7098153 or straight to >>> deeseo



Lydia Geldmacher CEO Founder – „Finest Art Of Living“

„We met at the Angermeier Trachtennacht Hofbräu Berlin. Met the following day at the concierge table. Gerry presented me his community and wide-reaching blog. I became a sponsor.

After many conversations and my personal experiences with „website designers“, Gerry accepted the task. He designed my website. With access I experienced a new kind of design. Live with changes in real time. The good suggestions and especially the developed texts were convincing. Thank you for a great cooperation. Especially so fast.“

Picture Fotograf Philippe Rives

Website Finest Art Of Living


Lily Halim CEO – „Halim Events Entertainment“

„Gerry and I have known each other for 15 years. We became friends through the many projects we did together. I was allowed to introduce him to „Jakarta Tourism“ and the government invited him to Jakarta in 2018. We had a wonderful time. He accompanies our events with his blog. Now we put my ideas for my website live. At the moment I am in Jakarta and Gerry is redeveloping my website. Fast and live. I could see all changes immediately. While we were talking about Skype/Whatsapp, the site was changing.“

Picture Lily Halim Fotografin Atelier Berlin Mira Burgund

Website Halim Events Entertainment