Development and design. Daily online meetings on individual theme pages of the company komsol®. Products and services discussed in detail, texts developed and then corrected. Basic page created within 12 weeks. Every day a topic is added.

A recommendation led to the first conversation. Ronny Lorenz, Sustainable Construction Swiss GmbH spoke with komsol® CEO Toni Schonfelder about my work in Berlin.

Blogger, marketer and designer. A first Whatsapp meeting in October 2020. Facts and wishes were exchanged. Above all, very charming – Toni is Swedish and speaks several languages. Gives clear rejection of his ideas. Brings his decades of experience from around the world to the redesign.

deeseo entwickelt Deutsche Webseite international schwedisch Unternehmen Beton versiegeln ungiftig

Toni Schonfeld: „After years of agency screenings as well as web designer discussions, we found a partner in Gerry to implement our German website. Even our „skeptical“ administrator in Sweden has been convinced by Gerry, his recommendations and his work.“

The work with Toni started as a „test“. Can we work together? Not only „technically“ – Gerry creates the visual implementation of the content. An „initial payment“ for the approach was made. WordPress installation was set up on the Swedish server and work began.

To mention: Swedish company places order from company headquarters in Spain (Alicante) via Whatsapp. WordPress installation on a Swedish server. Developed in Berlin. Branch office in the area Schwarzwald/Germany. We do not know each other personally. That’s what I call a digital European cooperation. My deeseo-Partner Enis supported me with a lot of initial spark.

First drafts were discussed after 48 hours. Discarded and individual points were adopted. Now the „human“ approach took place. While working, the contents could be coordinated. It was a challenge with the individual web pages of each country. What to aim for – what is the template? Content was compiled from the .com, .eu and .es. Also the different komsol®-Partner companies provide good content. 

Now began for me a time of reading. And I like to work on new topics. To write man/woman must first read and understand. I spent hours on the different pages. I got an overview and a structure in my head. Together with Toni it slowly became the website for komsol® – ideas were implemented.

I am allowed to show you „previous“ websites. These were created with Joomla years ago and served well for 10 years. Today 3 years are already „Middle Ages“, 7 years the „antiquity“ and 10 years are the wonderful „dinosaur times“. With the new website, a version in the spirit of the times was created from the basics of the original site.

The new page komsol® has the task, for example, of providing engineers, architects and association employees with information about the product. Here, the interests of a very sluggish industry collide with a new product for Germany. The product is not new. Since 1964 on the international market. Developed in Norway for permanent sealing of concrete on oil rigs. Even the heart of Vattenfall’s nuclear power plants, the containment vessels are sealed. Placing such a strong and non-toxic product in the face of skeptics and the chemical lobby in Germany is turning into a power struggle. Bring about changes in the construction industry – what a wonderful dream. Improve the CO2 balances. With every newly poured „piece of concrete“.

deeseo entwickelt Deutsche Webseite international schwedisch Unternehmen komsol® Beton versiegeln ungiftig

In Germany, we are learned „whiners“ – everything that burdens us. e.g. rent, maintenance, renovation and refurbishment – all costs in real estate and buildings. But: we use them every day. We spend time in them. Live and work in them. Even enjoy it. Socializing with friends over dinner, exercising at the gym or shopping at the mall. We like it. We enjoy it 24/7.

There is no reason to moan. We live real estate. Shouldn’t we urge the makers, investors, engineers and architects, including the associations, to build ecologically? To get involved with new products? Despite the many regulations in Germany. Despite the liability – for products not used in the usual way.

International presentation – Experience since 1964

I was allowed to learn and be amazed. The board Toni gave me so much ecological and non-toxic input while working on the website – that lasts for decades.

Am on the road every day with the bike – even in snow and wind. Want to meet my children – play and discover. And that’s how I get to discover. With the bike I ride over bridges and squares. Many poured with concrete. Have you also noticed that rubbery „gloop“ sticks to the concrete? Torn up and crumbled for the most part. And this is supposed to protect the concrete floor for sure. No way, I think to myself. If I didn’t know better now – I would want to rediscover it 🙂 No chemistry, which ends up in our groundwater and flows out of our faucet. I advise everyone once to go to the site and read under the category of concrete floors.

Give me some feedback – Is it understandably described on the new page komsol®? Seal concrete without chemicals? 100% ecological and non-toxic.

deeseo entwickelt Deutsche Webseite international schwedisch Unternehmen Beton versiegeln ungiftig ueber komsol®

International presentation – Experience since 1964

Your Concierge Gerry

PS: Dear Toni, I am very happy about our getting to know each other. A great job for komsol®. And a big thank you to Ronny Lorenz for the charming recommendation.