Saturday, 24 June 2023 from 22h – Summer in Berlin – Kreuzberg/Mitte becomes the Ü30 (+30) Party Berlin hotspot. As a concierge, I have the privilege of recommending and accompanying the Spindler & Klatt location, which has been popular for years. I don’t want to know how many great events I was allowed to be part of.

Now the team of the well-known label „Ü30 Party Berlin“ – +30 – has reserved the location for us for the 3rd time. In the middle of the city and directly on the Spree. At almost 30 degrees, the terrace becomes a dating platform. In the Berlin summer, people like to get to know each other. We wish all the best for what will then emerge.

+30 Party – Summer in Berlin

Star guest Laura Blue is welcomed on the dance floor. She performs international artists and we are curious to hear her own song. I am curious to see if she has one ready for us. Gigs in well-known clubs in Berlin e.g. Maxxim and international performances e.g. in Dubai show her popularity. if a special surprise for guests is desired – artist/singer Laura Blue delivers ? „+Party“

The DJs are well-known artists from Berlin. Dramaturgically perfect performance – „first they start really slowly – but then, but then…“. Kreuzberg nights, that’s what they are.

DJs bekannte Künstler Berlin famous DJ

Looking forward to welcoming you – your concierge Gerry

Picture Credits: Ü30 Party Berlin, Pic Collage Cover Maxxim