It’s worth working towards this „time out“ in the Indian/Pacific Ocean. Bali culture – After a long flight, with perseverance and patience, you are given an exotic welcome at the airport in Bali.It’s like arriving in another world.

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The „emigration“ is quickly overcome with your valid visa. The normal „visa time authorisation“ is 30 days. If you want – 30 days can be added on. Almost a winter over.

The motorway feeder road was newly built. The traffic crosses the sea. Along a large international harbour to the capital of Bali.A small downer: the decision-makers opted for highly toxic construction chemicals (epoxy resins/bitumen/silanes) to seal the entire „motorway route concrete“. These toxic substances will end up in the ocean in the next decade. Let’s hope that the engineers will soon come to their senses and want a non-toxic sealing of concrete. The government is working politically on sustainability. The desire of the younger population is great: sustainability and without plastic.

If you like 5* – the Meliá Hotel is a beautiful hotel complex right by the sea. Check-in takes place in two categories – the „Economy Guest“, already a very high standard and the „Level Guest“ has a few more advantages.

The flats are divided into different blocks. The flats on the ground floor are surrounded by a swimming pool. After checking in, take a dip in the pool – refreshing and soothing at the same time.

Wonderful dinner events are organised for guests – typical Balinese Romeo & Juliet stories. The typical theatre plays are usually always about love and death.

In the morning, the breakfast buffet is a delight. For many, it is always a challenge to get any sleep at all after such a long flight. „Breakfast4Healthy“ makes up for everything – get up early and walk straight to the beach. Experience the ebb and flow of the tide.

GYM for the sporty ones and an „indoor tee-off ranch“ is available for golf enthusiasts. Stars and starlets have already practised their tee shots here.

After breakfast, you can visit the large economy pool or gain entry to the level pool. This is for adults only. Enjoy in peace.

Can you talk about absolute peace and quiet in such a large complex? If you want to sleep absolutely silently at night, you should „listen“ to your room beforehand – you can always hear the complex’s technology.

Special incentives are offered on request. Traditional kite-making from bamboo leaves or drawing on bamboo papyrus. Bali culture.

Aldi is one of the charming ladies and gentlemen who will welcome you. German and English. Give Aldi a warm greeting from the concierge Gerry 🙂

Even more exclusive – lots of luxury with charming service – Bali culture

Now it’s getting luxurious. Lunch for the business team or dinner for two on the beach. Lovingly decorated with details. Employees will be delighted for months or woo their loved ones for years to come. Dine and savour by the Indian Ocean.

To top it all off, you can book one of the 5* private villas. Find out more in a personal conversation.

These are the most visited „standard must-have“ sights in Bali

Bali, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia, offers a variety of fascinating sights. Here are my „must-have“ sightseeing recommendations for your visit to Bali:

Pison in Ubud (Restaurant)

A mixture of Balinese and Mediterranean cuisine – that’s the Pison in Ubud. A gigantic view awaits you. The chef emphasises fresh ingredients. You’ll love the cosy atmosphere. It is a popular place to enjoy the local cuisine. After dinner, you can stroll around and watch people dance. Or dance yourself.

Samsara Living Museum – Cooking – Health – Plants

The Samsara Living Museum is a place where visitors can experience Balinese culture through cooking classes, health programmes and the exploration of indigenous flora. It offers insights into the traditional Balinese way of life and the importance of nutrition and medicinal plants in the culture. The place is known for its informative and interactive programmes. Really cool „incentive“ for your team 🙂

Coffee Luwak

An extravagant coffee speciality – only to be found in Bali. A species of creeping cat eats coffee beans – these are excreted undigested but „altered“. Collected, cleaned and roasted, it becomes a unique and expensive coffee. Observe the production process and enjoy the special nutty flavour. The coffee costs the equivalent of around €80 for 500g – if the beans are collected from cats living in the wild, it can cost in the thousands 🙂

Tabanan Rice fields

Rice fields – truly breathtaking beauty and cultural significance. Stretching across rolling hills and valleys – give you an insight into traditional agriculture on the island of Bali. Take part in the guided tours – learn more about rice cultivation and its irrigation systems. Photography and nature observation – artists will be delighted.

Yeh Hoo Waterfall

Impressive natural wonder near Tabanan. Surrounded by bamboo and lush green vegetation. The hiking trail leads across rice fields, then down a long flight of steps – almost like a jungle camp :-). Take a break – wade through the shallow water and if you want to get wet – down under the waterfall. Great motifs are guaranteed.

Batubulan Tempel (North East Bali)

A historic temple complex dedicated to King Tjokorda Raka Sukawati. This magnificent architecture can be admired in the north-east of Bali. It feels like every family has its own temple – a temple for every house. The temple is often more beautiful than the owner’s house. Worship and place of prayer. The Balinese Hindu religion and culture is divided into castes, just like in India. There are the Hindus and the Hindus. With our feudalistic, materialistic system thinking and non-believing upbringing, it is difficult for us to get to grips with this. It can certainly be too much for someone. It’s always admirable.

Mepantigan Show (Indonesian wrestling – Mud wrestling)

THE traditional Balinese wrestling performance – fighting and wallowing in the mud. Martial arts, theatre and ritual – deeply rooted in Balinese culture. Not just a performance – join in and immerse yourself in the ancient traditions and beliefs of Balinese society. Real motivational training.

Best wishes to Putu Witsen – Putu has built this event location over the last few decades. His team looks after him with benevolence. He is very thoughtful and brings you a lot of fun during the event. He also has his own coffee, which is served after the big mud fight.

Uluwatu Temple Dance Show

Now it’s getting really „Trickiii“ – a strange dance is performed in a breathtaking location on the cliffs of Bukit Peninsula – looks and sounds like this for us… It’s an important spiritual place not for show – the locals take this theatre and dance performance as a sacred duty. Every Balinese must have seen it. Beauty and architecture – landscape and freedom. The madness of how the Indian Ocean lets you think freely. Kecak dance performances are men with strong voices and monotonous but strong sounds playing together. Tradition, dances and music. It plays of course again and again of love, stealing and death – the fire to purify. Cheeky goes further – the monkey laughs itself to death.

Beach Club Tropical Temptation

Exclusive, beach club, South Bali (at the very bottom), luxury, relaxation, entertainment and finally sex appeal. Pool facilities, restaurant, bars and very attentive service. Also has an Instagram presence – mega parties. Sunsets from Bali – magnificent. The interior is simply good – a huge Madonna in white points out to the ocean. No, it’s not a Madonna – take a look at the account and see for yourself.

Plaza Wisnu

Is part of the Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park in Bali. Cultural centre dedicated to the Hindu god Vishnu. Art shop and an exhibition hall of history – a restaurant with a panoramic view of Jimbaran Beach. A park to promote Balinese culture and art. Popular destination for tourists and locals. Every year, thousands of Balinese visit the park to take part in cultural events, exhibitions and performances. It is a hive of activity. Many school classes have a duty to visit this place.

The downside: there is no viewing platform on the „main Buda statue“. I wonder why this was not installed. There is a large floor with a view – but not open to the public. Who knows what the plans are. In any case, „hundreds of thousands of tonnes“ of concrete were poured into the statues. I don’t want to calculate the CO2 value – but maybe that’s a task for our esteemed „energy consultant engineers“ who are making construction more difficult for us here in Germany.

If you have any questions 🙂 I will be happy to answer them personally and can establish direct contacts to Bali. Your concierge Gerry