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Rent a Car by and Cape Classic Cars Capetown Southafrica – Cabriolet and Motorcycle – the classic, sports and offroad Automobile – Porsche 911, Harley Davidson Big Twin V-Road and Alfa Romeo Spyder from private owner

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Cape Classic Cars: „The VIP Car Hire,  as seen on German TV Cape Classic Cars is one of the largest Car rental Companies in Cape town, with a wide range of classic cars, sportscars and convertibles,  Porsche , Mercedes, BMW as well as a Special Selection, AC Cobra, Mustang, and Porsche Speedster and many more. We also have a large selection of buddget cars, specially for long term renting, starting from as low as 99.- Rand/day.  Airport shuttles, chauffeur drive, VIP Transport is provided by Cape Classic Cars. Our fleet has more than 100 cars on offer, check out our website, convertibles from just 299.- Rand/day. We do offer free deliveries within Cape Town, book now, best deals available.“

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