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In 2007, Alicia Jane Napier – Health Concierge, moved from Amsterdam to Berlin, and she carries her passion for health, fitness and wellness into every single one of her training sessions. In addition to being highly respected for her very effective training methods, being half Dutch and half English, Alicia is also well known for her charming accent.

In the section you can expect to find topics about fitness, wellness, events, and above all, that “Feel Good” Feeling.

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Alicia Jane Napier Health Concierge Berlin Partner Bodyterminal 2014 Blog

In 2007, Alicia Jane Napier moved from Amsterdam to Berlin where she established herself as a Freelancer in the Sports and Wellness business. Being half Dutch and half English, Alicia soon became very well known in the Berlin fitness scene, recognized by her charming accent and different but effective training methods. Massage is another one of her passions, just simply making others feel good, motivates her to do more. By some of her clients, she even goes by the nickname, ´Miss Magic Hands. ´

Alicia lives and breathes sports, taking along a pair of trainers everywhere she travels. She keeps herself fit and healthy and likes to motivate others to do the same. Alicia brings along a suitcase full of experience, from junior Dutch national athlete champion to school sports teacher and working as a personal trainer for an In-Company fitness firm in Amsterdam.

Beginning of February 2014, Alicia founded her very own company in Berlin Schöneberg called BodyTerminal, creating a new and exciting allround fitness and wellness concept for others to enjoy and to keep healthy, as both she and you know:

Alicia your HealthConcierge: your health is your wealth.